Our Manifesto

We believe…

  • Everyone should have access to the law, to legal advice, to courts, and to justice.
  • Systemic change – that fundamentally and permanently improves the legal system – is needed, now.
  • The legal industry must help consumers understand when, where, and how to get legal services.
  • The legal profession can foster a culture of collaboration and civility rather than divisive competition.
  • New legal business models are desperately needed as the current model is unsustainable.
  • Continued adoption of technology solutions will provide efficiencies that make a meaningful difference in legal operations.
  • Self-discovery and self-awareness are the pathways to health and happiness in a legal career.
  • Lawyers are, first and foremost, educators and advocates.
  • Those who intentionally design businesses to serve the latent legal market can fully realize its tremendous value.
  • Together we can make law better.

Do you believe what we believe?

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