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Let’s connect, discover, and succeed…together!

A Personal Message from Anne-Marie

Imagine being part of a collaborative community of creative, purpose-driven lawyers committed to creating modern law firms and supporting one another along the way.

Modern Juris Circle helps you build a successful business following The Seven Strategies for Success – a Modern Juris Framework. If you’re looking for like-minded lawyers who share your values, a guide (that’s us) to help you navigate the way, and a place – in the law – where you belong, I invite you into Modern Juris Circle.

As a member, you’ll be able to…

  • Attend weekly CoWorking sessions to provide focused time blocks for productivity and project completion.
  • Enroll in C.E.O. Your Business, our bi-weekly accountability group, to help you get $#!% done
  • Mind your money during monthly Finance Friday Coworking sessions
  • Take part in our bi-monthly Online Book Clubs
  • Set goals and objectives, create results, and celebrate your achievements during quarterly strategic planning workshops.
  • Gather with fellow Modern Juris Circle members for networking and relationship-building during quarterly online social hours.
  • Brainstorm with peers during periodic Workgroups focused on sharing ideas, taking action, and getting feedback.
  • Access a Library of indexed tools and training and on-demand Courses in the Modern Juris Circle Resource Hub.
  • Connect with fellow Modern Juris Circle members from across the country to ask questions, share resources, and learn from each other in our private Google Group.
  • Discover unique content not shared on any other platform.
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Membership Monthly Plan and Pricing

Join Modern Juris Circle and get access to all of this and MORE! We offer a simple monthly plan. Cancel anytime.

When you become a Modern Juris Circle member with a monthly membership, you’ll lock in your low, early access rate for the life of your Modern Juris Circle membership.