Discover the five key aspects to building a sustainable business

Join us for a discussion that defines access to justice and the “latent legal market” then dives into five strategies for designing your legal business to serve this market.

At Modern Juris, we believe those who intentionally design businesses to serve the latent legal market can fully realize its tremendous value. This is part of how we can make law better. In Modern Juris Circle, we help you implement these concepts in your business.

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LIKE-MINDED IN THE LAW is a community-supported group hosted by Anne-Marie Rabago, Founder & Principal of Modern Juris. This group was created to serve as an open forum where service is ever at heart, where respect rules the day, and where like-minded professionals come together to support each other and thrive. As part of this group, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with others who believe in the power to make positive change happen in the law, who welcome peer support in efforts to serve the latent legal market, i.e. the access to justice gap, and who strive to make a living while making a difference.

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